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Facilities Management & Care

We have a solution for all your indoor & outdoor needs

Facilities & Landscapes

As a stakeholder,  the appearance and safety of your property can have a  direct effect on your bottom line.  We offer facility and landscape  services to improve and beautify your business and office concerns.

Comprehensive Service

We can provide you with the comprehensive maintenance and care of your  entire municipal and commercial property, as well as a wide range of  facility services. 

Snow Removal Services

When the weather turns nasty with ice and snow, we help your business  and offices continue running by providing snow plowing, ice melting and  snow removal services. 

Nature is all around us, Craft yours beautifully

More Than just Landscaping

Fontenot Landscape Services, LLC. is a company providing a diverse range  of services for the Municipal and Commercial Landscaping and Commercial  Property Maintenance governmental and business sectors. 

Fontenot  believes that when you hire a service vendor, you are not only paying  for the services they offer, you are partnering with their company and  sharing a common bond with respect to business practices.

Fontenot  Landscape Service, LLC. is a National Minority-Owned Business  Enterprise whose staff includes business professionals, excellent  supervisors, procurement specialist and skilled tradesmen. We have  created our reputation through comprehensive management controls, highly  competitive pricing, and our bottom line commitment to quality. We have  the qualified staff, capital equipment, and suppliers to handle  projects of any size, scope or complexity. 

Is your business at one with nature? Let us help.

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