Our Story

Our Pledge to our customers

We assure our customers the highest level of service and  professionalism.  We have an intelligent, professional and respectful  staff, strong management and a clean appearance.  We promise and deliver  reliability! 

About Us

Fontenot is a nationally recognized  minority-owned business enterprise  whose staff includes business professionals, excellent supervisors,  procurement specialist and skilled tradesmen. We are experienced in all  areas of landscape, roadside, facilities, building and maintenance  services, groundskeepers, weed & debris removal, full tree services,  janitorial and custodial services, fence and line clearing, snow and  graffiti removal and contract management. Further, we have a full  complement of qualified sub-contractors to augment our in-house  capabilities, which enables us to meet all contract requirements. 

Our project history includes numerous service and maintenance contracts  valued from $25,000 to $3,500,000. We have a comprehensive performance  history with local, county, state, large commercial, tier 1, tier 2, and  sub-net organizations as well as, large and small school district  projects with maximum order limits of $3M. Fontenot’s leaders and  project managers have backgrounds that include hundreds of local,  statewide and regional projects worth over $25 Million combined.
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Our customers include; The State of Michigan (MDOT), The City of  Detroit, The County of Wayne, General Motors – Toledo, General  Motors-Flint, County of Wayne, The City of Detroit Public Schools, Wayne  County Airport Authority, The City of Birmingham Public Schools, and  The City of Southfield, among others. 

Fontenot Landscape Services, LLC. offers your project the benefits of  quality, cost competitiveness, and the experience of a proven  contractor. Throughout our history, we have met every contract cost,  schedule and performance requirement for every contract we’ve been  awarded. If proven performance and reliable results are important to you  – Choose Fontenot. 

Fontenot was formed in 2008 and is a licensed, insured, and bonded  Service and Maintenance Contractor. Our capabilities include all aspects  of General Maintenance and Service Contracts and facilities management  and execution. In the performance of contracts Fontenot Landscape  Services, LLC. provides managers, supervisors, business professionals,  and skilled tradesmen, experienced in each area of service and  maintenance that will be required for success within the scope of work  typically presented by the contracts we are awarded.