Our Services

1. Year Round Maintenance

Fontenot Landscaping Servies takes care of your facility all year long to keep the property looking it's absolute best. 

2. Turf Care Programs

A lush, manicured lawn projects a great image for your company - even  before clients walk through the door.  Fontenot Landscaping provides a  full range of nutrient management and weed controls so that the outside  of your business always looks it's best. 

3. Color Enhancement Program

Provide the entrance to your facility with beautiful, seasonal colors with Fontenot's flower rotation program. 

4. Tree Shrub Care

Fontenot Landscaping provides complete tree and shrub Maintenance with  integrated pest management programs (IPM) and nutrient management.  Keep  your landscaping investment bright, lush and lively the easy way. 

5. Monthly Site Reports

As part of the landscape maintenance program, Fontenot Landscaping  provides you a monthly site report detailing all our services,  applications, and notable issues. 

6. Snow Plow and Snow Removal Services

When the weather turns nasty with ice and snow, Fontenot Landscaping  Services helps your business stay up and running by providing timely  snow plow and snow removal services including plowing parking lots and  sidewalks.  Fontenot Landscaping Services helps keep you and your  employees safe and avoid injuries by keeping walkways clear of ice and  snow.